New game! Need music



Well we been thinking of making a really fun game, but we still need music so I'm asking musicians on hopscotch to give a hand and help.
P.S @Follow4LikesOfficial we know you make the best music ever so ca you help thanks!


I would ask:
They are pretty good with music!


I wish I could but I am horrible at music!


What's the theme then? :slight_smile:

A music can't fit in with the game without a theme!


Wow! Thanks for tagging me, @DancingLollipop!
What is the game about? Have you published it yet?


I could help you with music


Okay the game is this:

Okay you take care of a blob which you can play games with (crossy blob, blob match, ect.) it has different bars like a activity bar, a sleep bar, and a food bar. Also you can get pets and vehicles for your blob.
Basically pou (check it out on app store)

That's the Game theme, but most games we created have no sound so we figured to spice it up
@XiaoMiaoMi @RubyWolf1 @comicvillestudios


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You can always help just in case, but so far not right now if we need more music we'll let you know


Look at the blob! So cute


Looks like a Poring really...

But okay then...


That's what we were basing it off of :smile:


I have pou! I know what you're talking about


Okay, could you post the link here? Or else it will take too long to transfer the music back and forth.


Okay here's the link!

Put it in a ability so we can move it around, also remix and keep it up till we see it when we see it delete it
@comicvillestudios @XiaoMiaoMi @RubyWolf1


Okay, it's in my drafts now!

@LinemStudio Do you have any special requests about the music playing? Like, does it have to turn off when a certain thingy is clicked?


We thought that we could have different music playing through the game kind of like a playlist with random selection of the songs.
P.S hard to explain just let us know if you are confused still



I've seen the layout. The best thing to place the music on is a separate object.
Then, we can make the music inside an ability.


That's what we planned, also make sire to not make it to long, but not to short


Make sure to put link here @comicvillestudios @RubyWolf1 @XiaoMiaoMi