New game: Mower Run



I just published a new game called Mower Run. It's a game where you are a mower and you shouldn't bump branches and stones. To dodge them you need to tap them.
Please check it out and give some response.
Here's the link:
Here's a picture:




Looks amazing! I will try it on my iPhone, I have the old hopscotch version on my iPad.


GREat job!!!!!!

Maybe add a replay button?

Cooool game though!




Wow! You've made an amazing—nuu, VEREE AMAZING+SWEG game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wink:


This is SO awesome!! I love the lawn mover, so cool!! I also love the title screen!!


Awesome! Great job! And thanks for giving a credit :wink:


I love it!


The game is so cool! :sunglasses:
It would be cool if you could add a replay button like @KVJ suggested
Other than that it's a great game! :smile:
Plus I love the animation of the lawnmower!


This game is awesome! :smiley:
It's a bit laggy though, but that might be because I'm playing it on my iPod...


Awesome! Maybe you could add some power ups?


Congratulations! :laughing: It got featured!