New Game- Make A T-Shirt



I have published a new game called "Make A T-Shirt"! I can't believe it got more likes than Donut Maker (One of my other games). :scream: Anywho, if you scroll down in Trending you will find it there. Please play it and tell me how I can improve. :grinning:
Here is a screenshot:

I hope you enjoy the game. I am very proud of it. :slight_smile:

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I will take a look at it.


My hopscotch user is a secret by the way.


Anybody? It has been a while.


I really like it! I would just say only make the color circles appear when start is pressed, not at the beginning. Also, you can tap more than one emoji and it messes up. Maybe use values to fix this problem?

Overall, great game!


I actually used a lot of values. I used them so the objects and text would appear at the right time.


Hi, @Sprouse ! I love your profile picture!

I really like your "Make a T-Shirt" game. It is very fun. I bet in about a few days, it will be at the top of trending. Just you wait and see!


It looks cool in the thumbnail. I will try it out on my iPad later.