New game made: clone factory tycoon!


I just made a game and it's called clone factory tycoon. Well if you have seen my other tycoon called retail tycoon then you will find out that both involve money. This game was inspired by roblox. I got this idea from when my brother always played this game so that why I made this. It took me months to make this but it took a long time from school work. I am going to put the link but the shapes might not be there. ( I have no idea why ). Here's the link Game. Here's a pic.

  • The game is feature-worthy
  • The game is awesome
  • The game is fine
  • It's the worst game ever
  • It's too laggy



That's so cool!!!
(I play Roblox too :DD)


Yeah I'm not allowed to play that anymore sadly.


Oh ok.
Why did someone say this was the worst game ever?


Who did what?


Wait, what? I'm so confused


So am I :joy:


Yeah I hate when people do that.


What happened?!?!!
Sorry I'm confused


The person that voted the worst project ever.


Oh, that's mean.


I know right, that's mean.


I know right, that's mean.


Don't worry, one word: Jealousy, or Trolling.

I had several people do that to me, without removing it. I like the project!


Thanks @BlastFusion.


It's an awesome project! Don't worry about trolls on your polls!


Thx @bluedogmc-official.


I love the project. Please update.