New Game! Kanatopia!



To all those kana lovers out there, I am making a game all about Kana! I will only use kana and code to create an rpg game!(or at least try) Please state comments and ideas below!(⊙ω⊙)


Cmon... Im waiting...(^∇^)


Beginning of Kanatopia!


That sounds super cool! Good luck! :smile:


Hey! @Follow4LikesOfficial ! Are you coming to scioly today? It is Wednesday.


Are you here already???


@Timelord007, GBOT (get back on topic). And this looks amazing!
( ̄▽ ̄)


Lol sorry tankt ( ^ω^ )


I need more comments. This topic is getting boring


This might take me a few weeks


It's okay. Sorry, iPad just went dead, it is now plugged in. Still trying to get Regular…


Lol. When i made this topic, my Ipad was at 23%




Sup...... How are you.....

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  • Juan Cena



Whyyyy I cant get polls to work!!!


You have to do
- hi
- hi


Should I divide into parts?

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  • Juan Cena



It is like this. Remember, don't put [this is the name of the poll].

  • You can change the min/max numbers to your choice.
  • And for number polls, change the multiple to number.
  • Remember to put a space after each - or it won't work.
  • Screenshot demonstration:
  • Remember, when adding a picture to a poll, always change the width and height numbers.



Thx tankt and F4LO. Also Lightningstrike