New Game in Beta: Need Testers/Bug Hunters!



Hello Hops!

So, for the first time in forever, There'll be music, there'll be light! No! That is not what I was going to say! For the first time in forever, I have a new game coming out!

It's a version of Flappy Bird, and I want the game to start after it loads and the home screen is there. I tried working with a value, but when I did that, it didn't work whatsoever! Can someone help me work this out?

Here's the link!: The link was ruined and now gone... ;-;

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Thanks! You will get credit!

Okay. That was earlier. I need to stop turning to the forum automatically XD. So, now I need testers! Please hunt out bugs or tell me areas I can improve on the project!

Thank you and have a nice day!


Because I really need help:

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Wow the title screen is really good :smiley:
im on my computer so it might e buggy.


Guys I really need help... :/


Never mind I figured it out!

Okay, so I used check once if blocks, and it did not work.

But, all I had to do was change the when! So, now it works, and I'll change this topic a little!

Whenever I can't code something, I don't even try that much to fix it. The forum has become the thing I turned to automatically! XD

But... I'm trying. :grimacing:


Great, nice job! I look forward to seeing the release! Unfortunately I can't beta test, but Ill follow this 0__0!
Good luck!



Okay, after eating dinner and waiting until my evening iPad hour time, I got the link! Yay! Can someone help me?

The trees were doing something weird, and it happened after I successfully played the project two times. This kind of thing has happened before. What is still?