New Game? I need some critique. [SORCERER TYCOON]


Ok… I didn’t know what category to do. So I thought Meta-Hopscotch worked. If you know the category that would fit this better please tell me. Anyways, now to the actual stuff.


Ok, so I am making a new game that I am calling Sorcerer Tycoon, (it’s a parody of Wizard Tycoon on ROBLOX, go look at it if you want to see what I am going off of). I am going to make it fairly similar to the original game with just a few exceptions. I need some critique so that I can make this game perfect, so yeah.

Anyways, here is what I’ve got so far-


Ok, I have got four droppers made, what do you guys think?


What element should the next dropper represent?

  • Lightning
  • Nature
  • Space
  • Light/Darkness
  • Metal
  • Ice

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I’ll implement the 2 or 3 most voted.


Oh I am making a Tycoon right now! It will come out sometime in very early spring or mid to late winter.


You are? That’s awesome! What is it called? It’s probably amazing, you are one of the best coders I have seen!


Awww thank you @EP125 it is called Business Tycoon and it is based off of Sky Scraper Tycoon. In fact it has elemental droppers just like yours. I can link you to the topic.


That’s awesome! I’d love a link to the topic, your game is probably awesome!

You can even check out the alpha version of the game.


BlastFusion, sophia71205 and Yusamac205 are all helping me with it.


Is it regular only? It won’t let me on. I shouldn’t of taken the break from the forum… I’m not regular anymore.


Oh yeah let me move it from the lounge.


Thanks, I’m excited to see it!


So, this is the project once you have bought everything. I still need to add more but I can’t think of anything. Any ideas? If I use somebody’s idea I will give credit.


I think after 1 (or 2 if it doesn’t settle it) more vote I will close the poll.


I’m thinking of implementing staffs and a battle mode, anybody have staff ideas?


I dunno. Teachers?


What you mean by teachers?




I’m still confused XD


Nindroid is confusing in a lot of ways. You need to learn to speak his language…
Obey, mortals, puny , obey, obey, exclamation point, mortals, period?