NEW GAME go check it out


My new poptart maker game is officially up go give it some love and tell me things below I should add!


That game is awesome! @PopTart0219 you need to see this! :smile:


I saw it and I totally love it!


Thanks @Dude73 I really hope it gets featured it's my dream to get featured (@PopTart0219 already saw it)


I'll recommend it!


Really like tell the hopscotch team? @PopTart0219


I like the game!

Off topic

My dream is to draw something better than a stickman...


That's an awesome game! Maybe make more topics! If you make another one :wink:


I love it I was going to tag @PopTart0219 but she allready saw it!


Try to be nicer :slightly_smiling: I saw Uptlwn give help :wink:


I did too, I just got mad with Wookie and I deleted the remix. I saw that uptown helped too but I still got 0 credit for helping him. Sorry if I lost my temper, i would just like a little appreciation from @Wookie


OMG @PWALK3430 I AM SO SO SO SORRY I didn't see any of these messages until this morning! the reason I didn't give you credit is because I didn't use your version I used @UptownStudios I'm really really sorry and I thank you so much you don't know how happy it made me to see you helped me I love your projects (the new tilt one is amazing I hope it gets featured you deserve it) So I'm sorry and grateful I'm going to give you a shoutout because your AWESOME! Just try to be more nice some of the things you said hurt my feelings A sorry and greatful, Wookie


Thanks @Wookie . I just got really mad because I always have problems at school where EVERYONE always underestimate me because I'm nerdy. I just like appreciation. I get that his way was better, and I'm fine with that and understand. You don't need to to give me a shoutout. I'm SO sorry if I lost my temper. I just got really sad and needed to blow off some steam. -a sorry PWALK3430 🙃.


You're new game is fun and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. You're a great hopscotcher and I hope you get featured.

-forgive me
-no forgive me


I forgive you :relaxed: @PWALK3430


Yeah he knows and @PWALK3430 in the new version I'll post tonight I'll give you credit




@Wookie, I pouted and I deserve to NOT get my way. Thankyou for offering though. :blush:


no its fine by the way i love your new tilt game @PWALK3430


Thanks, I think you should get on featured, your poptart game is VERY original and cool. That's one of the reasons I wanted to help you... And another reason why I got so mad
p.s. When I got on featured once, people liked lots of my old projects!
P.p.s I think you should make it where you can name your new poptart :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: