New game: Fruit Rain!



Hi! I published a new game "Fruit Rain!" What do you think about it?

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Feedback topic... Cool! Can you link the game?
EDIT: Okey!


It's pretty laggy in the Internet... Please check my HS acc DMFgames to play it!


I'll tell you this: it's fantastic. The loading screen is great, it's not laggy or buggy, and it's fun. I might nominate it for featured.


I completely agree! I'm going to nominate it :D


OMG... :scream::scream::scream:THANK YOU!


I love it!

The loading screen is great. No lag, and it is pretty quick too! I love the hills, they add a really nice affect to the game! I also love the little character you move. All of the colors are really good, and I like how it shows the 'Game Over' screen with the score! The project looks fun from the "cover" (I'm sorry idk what to call it), and it's also fun once you play it!

Overall, awesome game! It worked very well on my iPad and iPhone and I enjoyed it very much! :smiley: keep up the amazing work!


so awesome this deserves featured! Ppl

So cool! Easy to play for beginners as well this should have took a long time!


I played it and it's very awesome! :D

It deserves featured!


I'm gonna look now DMF!


That is awesome!

Love the loading screen and I'm pretty sure you've included El CoSine!!!!!



So many people want it to be featured! It would be so great to see it on the home page of hopscotch!


This is amazing! :D

This deserves Featured! :D


It's really fun, @DMF!

The hills add an extra element that changes it from a regular "catch the falling objects" to something much more fun and engaging.

It's not laggy at all, and the ball's movement is really smooth.

I agree with pretty much everyone else on this topic, it deserves a feature!


Amazing game!
Good job @DMF


Cool game! It reminds me of a game called food drop (on an app called pou)
I'm actually making a game very similar! XD! I've barley started yet!
Anyway, it's a really cool game! :smiley::grinning::smile:


Awesome game you made! Great job! :D


It's awesome! I played it! My record is 10!


@Awsome My record is 46 :wink:


Great game! I really like it!