New Game From Valgo Incoming!



Yes. You read the title right. I am making a new game in Hopscotch!
I’m not going to spoil a lot, but here’s a picture that might help:

I hope that this is the start of a new era of me actually using Hopscotch again. This game is already pretty fun, and I haven’t even made the shop yet.

I’ll likely post about progress on the game in this topic. So you might want to keep your eyes open for new posts by me!

Want to speculate on what the game is? Feel free!


I bet it’s gonna be soooooo cool! And welcome back!


Woah! That is so cool! Good luck making the game, I am so excited! Welcome back!


Wow thats really cool, can t wait for it


Yes! Finally a new game from you! Keep it up!


I am guessing some sort of Tower Defense game. I think that is a bow on the right side of the screen…:thinking:


You’re pretty much right @HopscotchRemixer.




Your basically back? Yay! I can’t wait!


That looks cool,@Valgo!I have guessed what the game is.Oh,and welcome back to hopscotch!


Welcome back! I can’t wait to find out what your game is!


Speculation… my favorite


Omg Valgo I love your projects welcome back!


Your coming back omg it has been so long


I’ve made some progress on the game, I just need to make it so you can buy towers that automatically shoot, then it’s pretty much done. :wink:


woah your still alive cool

and its obv a tower defence game

i dont get how people can program in hs anymore after ive learnt proper programming i just cant anymore like how th even do people do it also have you been doing any other programming stuff and if so what?

also do u have discord


How do you make things like this there is no tutorial for it @Valgo?


Also I’m making a project to welcome you back.


We’ll I can tell you right now that once you get enough experience you don’t need the tutorials, you have to think of your own ideas, and think of how to code them


It’s not out yet but is already going to get featured