New Game: Donut Maker!



Hello! I have just published a game I have been working on for months! Tell me what you guys think about it! It took me a while to make, and if you find something wrong about it, try and notify me. Heres the link: Donut Maker



Wow, this is great! I can tell you worked really hard on it. I love your creativity!


Thank you!


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I really like this project but one thing, I think you should add more frosting. If you use a certain amount it tends to run out and you have to use the brown and the pink. This project is great otherwise!


(I think) this is because they used clones. You can only have 512 clones of one object, so they "run out" if you use too much :wink:.

Ah, I see. It's draggable things. In this case, they used a lot of objects, so it would take a lot of effort to put more.


Well it ran out after I used about 11 or 12


The limit for frostings and toppings are 10. @CreativeCoder, clones were not used. Check the code. I am thinking about doing a 2nd version. Thanks for feedback!


ITS ON TRENDING!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!! Sorry, this is my first trending! This was my goal! I made it! YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!


Good job me. Good job. @everyone, so sorry, it's a big deal for me! No more all capitals........!!!!!!!!

Yep. It's real.


Congratulations! You totally deserve it, I loved th game so much! :clap::smile: