New game! DO NOT NEED HELP, JUST NEED PEOPLE! Please answer quiz deadline soon!



Hey guys! So as you can tell from the title I’m making a new game. It’s a quiz. I wanted to make it about the forum and people, so at the end, when someones done then they see a forumers name that there most like to. So yeah. But before I do this I need people and permission! Please reply to this if you want to be one of the people in the quiz. I think im going to make 10, oh and also has anyone done this before? please no. Anyways if you have any question then please feel free to ask. If you want to be one of the people then i just need you to answer some questions… Hopefully some people do this :ppp


I could do it, if you like.

Also, I think SmileyAlyssa has done something like this before.


wait, I think you’re confused, i dont want people doing it for me, i just need people to “sign up” for it. is that confusing? ugh. Oh and didnt smileyalyssa do it about the app? I think im not sure.


Imight sign up maybe


to anyone who’s confused:

im making a quiz about the forum and forumers, so at the end the person whos playing the quiz will get someone whos on the forum and thats who that theyre more likely to, so thats what i need for people to just “sign up” for. If you want to be those people then I’ll just tell you a few questions you just need to then answer them. there ya go.


dang you @yaygirls


ok ^__ ^


I’ll sign up I guess


I’ll sign up
And I’m pretty pro at making quizzes… if I do say so myself
So if you need help, just ask




You could do me :grinning: (its fine if you don’t wanna do me though):blush:
could you pretty please do me!!! With a cherry on top! :laughing::grin:


Could I please be in it?


I’ll do it


I’d like to be in it.


I will do it. ( not for fame)


I could be in it if there are any spots left!


Guys! I dont need help! Did you read it?

I dont need help!


Nevermind :pp


So you all do know that your signing up to be one of the options of people in the end, right?

@SweeTeaStuffz okie!


You mean you want to be in it?