New game: Design a Robot!



Hi guys!
I (finally) published a new project named “Design a Robot”!
It’s an innovative game that contains dynamic & usual trail art, sine & cosine, etc. What do you think about it, any feedback? :slight_smile:
Thanks! :smiley:

Credit to @Valgo for drawing technique and to Pixar for inspiration! :smiley:


Finally someone (@CreationsOfaNoob) noticed it :sweat_smile:


Wow! That is a really awesome game!


Thanks a lot @WynterDiamond! :slight_smile:


Wow that’s super cool!


Cool. I remixed it a while ago.


Woah, that’s amazing!


That is great! It’s a little laggy if you select a different color for the body. I’ll try to find the problem.


It should be featured


This is really cool! I like how you used dynamic Trail art to make the body, head, and eyes while their color was being selected! :smiley:


You just broke an OMTL guideline (I’m growing up to be like you @Petrichor …) use the POMTL instead.


Awesome, Hope it gets to featured
Good luck




That’s not a guideline I don’t think. If it’s is I broke it.


Well the POMTL is used for projects. The OMTL is used for More General things.


If you want people to see something you use the OMTL. DMF wanted people to see this so he didn’t break any rules.
Before you always used the OMTL for projects.


Well, this project is so, so good. The animations, the colors, the design, the robot, everything. I’m nominating it for featured unless someone else have done it already.

Wait, it seems to be on Featured! Congratulations, you totally deserve it!


It’s on featured our hopes are true!!!


Awesome game! I love the creativity of it. Your such a great coder!


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: