New game coming!



There’s a new game coming! I’m actually going for a game-changer with this project. Basically, the plot is that you are stuck in candyland and someone starts talking to you and says that if you do well enough in five games (Underwater drama, Escape the Aircraft, Pumpkin Platformer, No man’s land and Civilisation run) you have the chance to escape. I’m going to start it on Sunday/Monday. @pomtl


Good luck, I can’t wait to see it


Pretty cool, good luck with it


Cool! I hope you get your goal!


Thanks everyone!I hope that I actually get the motivation to do it.

Mind you, it will probably take a month. I’ll make a tag list. Anyone want to join it?


I’ll join the tag list.


Ok, great!


I’ll join it.


I’ll join it! This sounds really great!


Me! I want to join it!


I’m excited! You are an awesome coder and I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish with this project.

Technically, a game changer is a project that changes people’s perspective of Hopscotch.


Ok, I’m gonna start it this evening (I’m in the car most of today)

Tag list



Cool. Like others already have said, good luck with the game! :slight_smile:

Also, can you add me to the tag list?




Sorry, I was in the car for eight hours. But, I’ve started!