New game coming out tomorrow!


A new game…? Lol. Anyways new game coming out tomorrow! It shall be named… STAR FIGHTER! Epic new game where you defend yourself from asteroids! With a cool design and gameplay, you are sure to enjoy this game! Also enjoy this screen shot!

Or don’t… it’s cool…
Annyyywwaaayysss… new game coming out tomorrow so keep an eye out on my account for when it will be released!
Hopefully there aren’t any typos…
Lol sorry for tagging


I’ll keep my eyes open!!!:eye:


It’s now out!


Thats amazing @TheCMStudios


If there are any suggestions or complaints, please let me know here so I may fix them


Well is this ok? What would make it better.


I don’t know it looks great to me!


It got nominated a lot yesterday but still no feature! I know im impatient but I’m also excited. Many people nominated! Ugh idk anymore


Lol I don’t usually get nominated. At least you get noticed for your really cool projects and games


Thanks! :smiley: You made me feel better


That’s great! Hope you get your feature!


I hope you too :hugs:




That game is really cool! The animations are awesome and the gameplay is great! It’s a hard game, but it’s super fun.


That’s so coool!
It needs to be in featured!


That’s cool!
Give it some time, I’m sure it will be featured
Sometimes projects I work hard on never get featured, but at least I feel proud that I made it. All of your projects are really cool!
Maybe add adventure time music?


Actually yess and interactive like madis?


Maybe, but that can be hard!
I’m sure you can do it though


im GOING TO Use this


Nope the interactive was simple