New game check it out

That's my new game Popsicle maker! Can't wait for you all to see it! I'm Crazy_cake on hopscotch :smiley: please check out this game, please also give me feedback on it, the next one will have multi layers and more colors! Hope you like it, here's a poll about my game... 1 is worst 10 is best

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Take out the slash at the first poll
- Like this
[/poll ] don't put any spaces at the end though
You just fixed it never mind, I'll check it out!!
I love it 9


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Great job!! I recommend in the new version that you try adding toppings. Anyways, good work on the outline!


That looks so cool! You should add a option of adding designs!


@Intellection74 @MYD @RenegadeBird1 @Phase_Admin
There are all great ideas, hopefully I can add all of them next version :smiley: and thanks @MYD yeah, I messed up on the poll first but thank you for taking the time to respond helping with the poll :slightly_smiling:


I gave it a 8 it's so cool!


11/10! That is epictastic!


Yay thank you!!! That's so nice :smiley: yay


What? (2020202020202020202)


That is a weird auto correct I meant " I gave it a 8 it's cool!"


Oh! Thanks, sorry! I hate auto correct too :wink:


Here's a like! :heart: :3


Nice game! Can't wait for 1.1!


It's good, but you know what would be even better? Add a "DIY" touch to it! Make it so you could make the Popsicle by yourself! :smile:

Here is a recipe in case you go for the challenge! :wink:


It's awesome! More could be added to make it more awesome!


The link is to make fresh fruit yogurt pops...


Oh, they're yogurt pops? I'll switch it! :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Switched!