New Game By UptownStudios! Coming Valentines Day 2016!



Hey Guys! I am creating a new game! It'll be very simple kind of like flappy bird with a twist! Right now it's just a concept, so I'm taking some feedback on how it looks and some features you would like to see in it. I also am taking a poll on the name. So here's a pic:

and the poll:

  • The Escape
  • Gravity Ball (or some "Gravity" concept)
  • Attack Ball
  • Attack
  • War
  • Cube War
  • Why Are You Still Trying?
  • Other (Suggest Below)



Hello anyone Feedback?


I've been summoned!

It looks great so far! Maybe make the "tubes" longer and thicker and the cube bigger?


An update on this:

@Kiwicute2016 Do you have any suggestions for the name?


I like the escape. Shape War might work too.


I like Shape Wars! I'll probably use one of those two. The game is coming out Sunday.