New Game and Advice



Hey everyone!

I just started a new game called "Chrome"! I don't really know how it will all play out, but I'm thinking it will have a character that needs colour, and somehow you give it to him! I don't know all the details, but I'm making a new game, and hope it will turn out great!

I'm also looking for ways to improve my forum skills! If anyone can tell anything that I've been doing great, and things I need to work on, that would be amazing!



Cool! Sounds like an interesting game!


Well I am definitey looking forward for that one coming out
also, @PopTart0219 , what is going on with the aptitude test, have u published it?


If I may make a color recommendation, use the HSB color picker the toaster reb. published.


Thanks for giving me an idea for a game! :D


@RenegadeBird1 is reading this :0
(Congrats for regular!)


Thanks!! :D


You could solve puzzles for getting colours!


I'm going to have between 300-500 residents, and you have to shoot paint at them, but the paint is different shapes! Once you get 3 paint points, they are saved from the bland world! Try to save everyone in maybe an allotted time zone?