New forumer Joining us!


So my friend MIGHT have noticed that I go on here so she will be joining us. She doesn't use hopscotch but I'm going to show her it.
Too lazy for OTML


Okay here we go
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Why did you use the OMTL?


Cool! I hope she likes HS and HF!


To get attention.

Do you think I should delete it?


Nothing will happen if you delete it because they're still tagged.


It doesn't matter. People will get tagged anyways.

But cool! I hope your friend will like Hopscotch :D




I am her friend . I am using her account



I will definitely welcome her if she joins! ;D


@ButterBark I see you leiking dat XD


Yep. :smirk: Also, I would be glad to welcome her, too! Just when is she coming??


I got summoned here...

comes to see whats happening

Smiles with excitement!

Says: Yay! We might have a new friend :slight_smile:


I'm here. I'm new to hopscotch and my friend told me about it when I noticed that she went on this website a lot. In case you haven't guessed I'm the new forumer joining


Hey, I'm Bella! Welcome :3


Hi @Celine! :D

Welcome to the forum!

I'm Candycane, and tag me by doing "@Candycane" and I'll come and help you! :DD


I'm Sophia. I have 2 crazy siblings. I'm using my iPad,which I am supposed to share with my sister mirabel . I hope she doesn't find this website! Any suggestions are welcome!


Cool! I don't have any siblings, it gets kind of lonely ://


I don't know anything about hopscotch so someone please tell me how this works!!!! I'm feeling overwhelmed :open_mouth::no_mouth:



Hopscotch (HS) is a coding app for any ages!

The Hopscotch Forum is a place where you can talk to other users and have fun!