New Forum Profile Picture! (And How I Made it)



Here is my new forum profile picture:

It might not show up for a few hours, but the image is what it looks like!

I made this with an app called Assembly. Just search it on the App Store, and it should be the first thing that pops up. If you can't find it, the app kind of looks like a bird.

Edit: the app is free, but you can buy some shapes in the app.


Fist reply! I love it! You are one of my favorite coder


Thanks! :smiley:


That's awesome! It looks really cool. :D
I'll go try that app out!
I love the simple design of your profile picture. :D


It describes you so much...
smart yet so unique


It looks really cool!


I looked at it on the app store and I'm getting it.
@Liza @Rodrigo @Meg
It would be cool to have an interface similiar to Assembly to create our own characters in HS. Not as complex though, obviously.


That would be cool!


That's an app for drawing. And yes, it is very cool. But maybe. We'll see what we can do.



*Cough cough

I'd be so happy if you did ;u;

Hem, um. Sorry for bothering u I leav nao.

What are you doing self use proper grammar!

I mean uh... I will leave now.


@Valgo if you could you could kinda make some shadows to ur profile pic to improve it more! Or some shading :D


I think I like is how it is... thanks for the advice though!


Ok I can get what your saying.

Do you like it more simple as shapes.
If that's the case my advice wouldn't be necessary.


I use assembly too! :D

It looks awesome, I love the colors! :D


I tried downloading it, and this popped up, do I press continue?

EDIT- Neverrmind


Camping Shape Art with Shadows
A biohazard sign with a campfire and a moose


That's awesome! I'm going to code some designs I made on assembly! I have had the app for awhile now!


I got it! Here is my pic

I might make a new one though


That looks cool! I like it!