New forum layout changes

Hello Hopscotchers! This includes some information on the new forum changes, and how to customise your settings if you are finding it a bit overwhelming.

New Sidebar

On Desktop, there is the new sidebar, with categories, tags and other navigation items.

Customising categories and tags

You can click the :pencil2: icon next to the Categories and Tags heading to edit which categories and tags will appear in the list.

Hide sidebar

If you want to hide the sidebar, you can click the ≡ icon in the top left.

The forum will remember whether you’ve hidden it or not, so you can hide it permanently if you prefer.

Latest is now the default home page

Since the new sidebar includes categories, we’ve switched the default home page to be Latest.

If you want the default home page to be Categories again, you can change it in your preferences.

New notifications menu

You can now filter out notifications by type — such as replies/mentions, likes, and other.

Simpler notification menu

If you want to have a simpler notification menu, you can switch themes to “Hopscotch Theme - Simpler Notifications”.

It will remove the other tab types, and you’ll have a single tab for all your notifications.

This is a theme in your preferences:

Other comments/suggestions

If you have other ideas & suggestions, please feel free to post a comment and we’ll see what we can do. Thanks to everyone who has already shared thoughts or suggestions!



Cool. I definitely did notice the notification filter, including All Notifications, Reply/Quote/Tag Notifications, Like Notifications, and Group/Edit/Move/Badges/Topic (Other) Notifications.

My favorite ones to use are Reply Notifications and Other Notifications, as those are the most important to me.


Wow, this is really cool!


awesome new layout! having dark mode will be so much better for my eyes.


Was already possible :eyes:


The order of latest and categories in the drop down menu when you first open the forum changed and it has been messing with me lol. I keep tapping categories when I wanna switch to latest.


Just a note for the simpler notifications menu:

I had to re-enable the button for other notifications (the button with multiple shapes), because some notifications have been moved there and are not included in the first tab. This includes badges, links, solutions, etc.


You can enable “Dark Mode” by tapping your pfp, tapping the icon that looks like a person, tapping preferences, then tapping “Interface”. From there, you can change the color scheme to light or dark (refresh (save changes) required), and you can also toggle an option directly below it (under Dark Mode) to have it toggled based on your system-wide Dark Mode.