New forum is terrible for mobile


I can barely tap the button to show the people who liked the post. This is on my phone.


Yeah it’s hard, I saw it a few times without the update


you can tap the … (the one the brings up the flags and other controls) and it shows who likes it as well


Can’t you change it in the settings?


It’s not new, it’s just the mobile view, and this is why I like using the Discord Hopscotch server when I am on my phone


I haven’t tried it on mobile yet, I think. Can someone post a screenshot?

Just a thought: maybe the Discord iPhone App works better?


You can access the mobile view easily. Click on the three lines next to your profile picture in the upper right.
At the bottom left you should se text that says mobile view. Tap or click that and that will bring you to the mobile view.
If you want to change it back go back to that pop up menu and hit Desktop view.
Desktop view-For tablets and computers, has all the features, sorta complex layout
Mobile view-For phones,strips down some features, simpler interface


Yes, but it’s even worst on Desktop View on phones
btw if anyone is wondering desktop view is much better on iPads than mobile view
@itzmya tagging you because I’m responding to you too hhh


Use desktop view hh


Oh, I see. I actually used the mobile view when I was “on the go” a few weeks ago. I also remember being a little confused about the like buttons, but I don’t really think that it is too much of a change.


Mobile is a bit confusing, and it is for sure easier on iPad or laptop.