New features that hopscotch should add!


Do you think that you should be able to record your own voice like in scratch? Because that would be a great feature if hopscotch added it! Also with the set position block its default is 200,200 if only hopscotch could change that to where the object is so the you don't have to "X" out and look at it manually!


Hmmm. Recording sound would be cool, but I don't think THT wants kids recording their voices. It might be a bit revealing and parents wouldn't want their kids showing off their voices (because of privacy). The Set Position block would be a lot more convenient if it did that in some cases, but not all. Cool idea though!


What about a Repeat Until loop block (blue)?


And a wait until block (blue)


Ooh! That's a good idea!! Like "when (game starts) set color <60 506 253> wait until (text (2) (text (4) ) <start <sound (yeah girl)


I agree @LavenderArts