New features! Screen recording!


You can now record your iPad screen! Sadly, I don't think you can record the iPaD screen ( when you play games andstuff )


What IOS do you have? I have IOS 9.1, it says I am up to date on updates @Lavendercupcake.


There all in the wrong order!
The one that should be at The top is the second down
Next one is the very last one
Then the second to the bottom one
Finally the top on comes last!


Have you gone into hopscotch?
I have iPad air 9.1

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which update? 20 CHARACTERS ARGH


I have an IPad 2, and yes I have gotten into Hopscotch.


Hopscotch doesn't need updating



i have an ipad 2, in the editor, and there is no red button.


Its in the play not the editor




Could I have a screen shot of your update? What iPad do you have


I have a IPad 2 for me @Lavendercupcake.


ipad 2


Try me!


I have it, and I have an iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.1. :slightly_smiling:🙃:slightly_smiling:🙃


The older iPads don't have the recording button.


Why doesn't the new update have this feature? I finally figured out how I could use it in a really cool way then they got rid of it!


Speaking of screen recording, I could make a drawing tutorial! Or a drawing pad tutorial...


You do not need to download any third-party app for iPad screen record, because iOS 11 built-in Screen Recorder with voice sound is a big advantage of iOS 11. How to use Screen Recording in iOS 11 on iPAd or iPhone read this thread