New features for the Forum?


Hello there.
It's me a random guy.
You know the fourm is great but sometimes new things could be added to make it better.
So how about I make a list of want needs to be added?

° A Pm system (personal message): let's say that you have your coding partner and wants to talk with him on forum. Or wants to talk with a specific group with
nobody else busting in. Famous Hopscotchers try to do this but gets a little annoyed from other people trying to interview them like MP.

°Auto Load: What auto load does is that it loads about half of the topic so you can scroll down with ease without it having to wait for it to load. If we had auto load in this forum it would be easier to catch up on a topic.

°Stop Bot Fighting: In sure leaders would love this because what bot fighting is when a topic gets flagged to much for people who flag randomly for no reason and a leader tries to open the topic the bot keeps closing. It takes a while until the bot gives up and leaves.

°Link your HS account with forum: A small feature is to link you HS account with your forum one so people can visit your HS account while reading your bio on the forum.

I will add more later but that's all :smiley:


For the pm system, you could always use a hs g mail account...


You can't share emails through forums you will have to use a disposable one which could be annoying


Seems like great ideas! But...

PMs were intentionally removed to prevent bullying and other bad things.

The forum seems to load fine for me...

The bot is automatic. It'd take a lot of unnecessary code by THT to alter it.

That would be awesome! But again, Discourse made the forum's key functions, so THT would have to to a lot of unnecessary programming to add this. Plus, it'd be wonky for computer/non-iPad users.


So Mad bot stays mad :frowning:


@CreativeCoder but they can change it so Pmming people could be blocked and flagged. But your right I guess no changes because of unnecessary coding


do (email)@g


HS email accounts aren't allowed :wink:


@this topic so instead of @ing EVREYONE you d @this topic


No, disposable ones aren't allowed too! BuildASnowman said any way of communicating outside the forum isn't allowed.


Hmm idk that.. But you have to put an email in for the account, right?


The hopscotch forum did not make the forum @sam and @codinghorror would half to add the new stuff!