New Feature: View Hopscotch Profiles Online

I think it would be cool if you could click on a link, and it would send you to somebody’s Hopscotch profile, and from there you can view all of there projects, on the web player.
How would one get the link?
In Hopscotch, at the top of someone’s profile page, there will be an export button, like the one you see when exporting a project. Then you copy the link and share it!
What could you view on the profile?
It would look identical to HS, all the projects with their thumbnails, and you could click on them to run them in the webplayer. You could also view how many times it has been played and liked. You can’t like the project.

What do you guys think of this?

  • This would be awesome!
  • This would be ok…
  • This would be useless…
  • Other opinion

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@TheCoders @OMTL


This is such a cool idea, @HopscotchRemixer
I really hope that THT takes this idea into consideration. It sounds so awesome and efficent.


This is an amazingly good idea and I honestly haven´t thought of this before, although I don´t know why. @Petrichor made such a cool image concept as well! I agree with @Swati_Bang, I hope that THT really consider this!


Awesome idea! That would be sooo useful. Hope THT takes it on board.