New feature: drop down text



This is a cool new feature (as I've heard) and it allows you to hide things and then press a button and have it be there
Here's how you make it:
[details=Test] This is a test [/details]


This is a test

Just tap the arrow and you'll see the text
I hope we use this feature in the future


It does not hide things if you look at the profile of the user and look at their post from there if the post is short.

Short Note

We also already use this for a lot of things on the forum. :wink:


[siri voice] I don't get what you mean by:


You can see the text in the details through your profile. Look at the words before Just tap the arrow in your posts in your profile. They are hidden here, but not on your profile.


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to @gemini


i dnt get what you mean


Did it work?

Did it?

Choose from the poll

  • yes
  • no



click here

this is a test

did it work

choose from poll if it worked

  • yes
  • no



Did it work? :smiley:
  • Yes!

  • Yeah!


You may choose up to 2 options.



oh @Gemini i get what you mean now thx for clearing it up :wink:


Thisis awesome...


Try me!

Oops! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Howdid you fo that @Valgo, I cannonly do it with no text


Do it like this, except without the spaces inside of the square parentheses:
[d e t a i l s = t e x t] More text here [/ d e t a i l s]


Oh, and do you want me to teach you howto do it with no text???????


Never used this before....

Open me for secret

This is my secret



this is a test


here, y'all



Test in' yo ipfreez





ok this the last one