New Feature "Dismiss New"



Are you guys sick of looking through all those new topics? well.... they added a "dismiss new" and it clears out the "new" tab! :D@discourse thank u so much for adding it!


That's not new


really? Sorry I have been off the forum again


uh... @PercyJackson9 when was this "dismiss new" feature released?


Months weeks I don't know but evry 2 days I clear it


I edited the title to make it clearer!

This is relatively new. Probably a week or so. Glad to see you back!


:T I use it on the days when I don't feel like not catching up to CC's post counts (Yes, that double negative was intentional.)


Thanks! I find it kinda annoying when people don't use good grammar while I'm waiting for comments for some reason :P


That's ok


I do not see it, may someone please help me?


Er... @Huggingfluffybear Can you take more time on commenting (Ex: grammar, spelling) when you comment to me?


Oh sorry what would you like more of or less of?


I don't get what you are talking about, and try putting a , on the end of the word "sorry"


Oh well I will! I will change it!


Ok! :D


I look through all new topics! The dismiss tab is useful, though I don't use it :slight_smile: