New espresso machine service: Hopscotch monthly news


Hello everyone! The espresso machine has an announcement:
It will now create monthly news topics! The first one will come in early April! The espresso machine is very excited to announce this!


Awesome! Sounds good!
Hehe April fools day is coming soon

I’d actually like to make a topic addressing the issue about the on topicness of the forum and Hopscotch. I’ve been hearing about it quite a bit lately, and I want to do some research or something


What type of topics?


Ok then


The State Of The Forum topic already does this


What will you do on these topics?


Why does anyone care? No one appreciates what you do.


Hey, that’s not fair to espresso
I know they have been rude, but maybe give them another chance?


I have. But they keep going into other people’s topics being rude!


I can somehow relate to @MyPi here. He/She does kinda go around being rude to some people but I remember them “approving” my first topic.

That is why I emphasized the word ‘kinda’.

Sorry if I went off topic here.


So just some sugestins. Dont say anything bout a topic if all you have tp say is that its aptoved


I agree with @PartTimeFemale here. Try to be a bit more useful to others.

(Unless you’re xse :pp)

Right, @JonnyGamer?


Yeah, sounds like a good idea
They are doing some cool things now as well