New emojis ~ add to forum?



Hey, you know in the new iOS 9.1 update there are new emojis? Well, why don't they add them to the forum? :moneyface: could be the money guy, :nerd: could be the nerd one, and so on!! There is one emoji you can't inlude, and that's the bad finger one. So @Liza can you do this? It would be very helpful to me. Do you agree?

  • Yes, this is great!! 🤗

  • I don't really care 🤓

  • No thanks!! :blush:



Great idea! But we have to be mindful as well that people use the forum on all sorts of platforms, like PCs, Macs, Android tablets, phones as well as iPads and iOS 9.1 emojis only work with iOS devices that have iOS 9.1 installed (I'm not sure about Macs though).

So though it would be great to have the new emojis on the forum, I don't know if they'd work on other non-Apple devices.


Well, we could ONLY do it if you have the new 9.1 update on apple device or above!! Right?

FYI: I made the topic on my iPad, and right now I'm on my computer, so it just shows up as squares.