New emoji glitch!


@Ian @Liza @alish the new iOS 9.1 emojis are glitching out! It's hard to explain and you can't upload pictures from iPads! So I guess I'll try to explain...
If you put another object near the emoji, when you tap an object two bubbles pop up for you to pick which one you want to edit. When you put a new iOS 9.1 emoji there, it will display a weird A that looks like it's half behind a block (I have seen these before in other games where emoji is not supported and you cannot copy and paste it) but when you play the project it's fine!


Can you give me a picture? 🙃


Well I can't upload one from an iPad....


Actually you can! FILLER TEXT


Yep, like MobCraft says, you can! It takes skill to hit the upload button though...

P.S. I uploaded this through my iPad! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I don't see it on mine....
P.S. It's a mini 2


Huh.... It should work... Does it tell you anything? Maybe you just didn't really press it. 🤔


No it doesn't even show up


Wierd... 🤔 (20 characters)


What are you using @CamMakesGames?


Raccoon and the shield 🛡


@CamMakesGames We mean what device are you using?


iPad Mini 2 (@CamMakesGames said it)


Try switching to desktop view. You can do it on the three lines.


Found it! Here's the picture finally:


Oh yeah, it does that with 9.1 emoji. Just wait for the next update.


Not all of them, though.


I didn't know that. Hmm.... It doesn't seem major enough to email hopscotch though. Just ignore it.