New editor - Worth the updgrade? (NEW UPDATE IS OUT...KIND OF)



I think so yeah.


Since im a desktop user (and a growing pc gamer),
I setup a bluetooth keyboard and my ipad on a desk so it will be easier for me to type.

And they time I did use the beta, it felt I little bit more convenient for me.


Wait you setup your ipad on a table?

Yes, yes I did

Wow man your dum.b

No im a nerd
3ds is still my fav console


Don't worry

I have a gaming setup for my computer but it's like noting I try.


You have steam?


Yes and no.

I only play Rollercoaster tycoon and it's my dad's account so I am probaly not allowed to do anything like friend you.


Im only playing valve games right now....

pls half-life 3 and portal 3 pls


I have an iOS 7 iPad and it's full so I can't upgrade to iOS 8 and you need iOS 8 for the new Hopscotch...


What type of iPad do you have?


I'm Hopscotching on an IPad Air.


:P wat. I tired that on an iPhone. Didn't work :(
same with @Niftynia75


I'm not much of a fan of the new editor but it won't be too horrible.


Wait were are the operators?



What are you hiding?!?!


I may or may not have three iPads and an iPhone 6+. :stuck_out_tongue:


But...but why?


My dad owns a tech company so our family receives a lot of random devices. I still don't even know what some of the devices are. XD


Im not going to update it. I think I will like the regular layout better. I know I should at least try it out before I say I dont like it, but I have a feeling its a bad idea to risk getting it. I don't want a layout that Im not used to or that will make me feel weird coding with.


It is Very weird… I'll update!


lol wut.
Upgrade? Is this an iPad thing or and iPhone thing? Or is my iPad too old?
EDIT: :sweat_smile: Sorry, I'm kind of lost in all these different editors.


No the software update or hopscotch its self...