New editor - Worth the updgrade? (NEW UPDATE IS OUT...KIND OF)



Theres been a ton of hate(kind of) for the new editor.

Will you upgrade and why?

Wow I sound like a kids show or a edu youtube video

Public Poll

  • Yea, I will get used to it
  • No, its not worth it.


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Anonymous poll

  • Yea, I will get used to it
  • No, its not worth it.


I voted anonymously


Worth it for me! :smiley:


I chose "I will get used to it" on both polls.

All the Hopscotchers that were on Hopscotch a while before this new update would most likely have to get used to it, but a Hopscotcher that comes after this update will have no problem with it, because they haven't experienced anything else but that editor.

I don't know why I wrote that paragraph, I just did. XD




I don't really like the layout, but I'll get used to it. I like the new stuff like the operators, so I think it's worth it.


The new layout, why did they change it for ipad .-.


Mabye Ill change my vote.


I'm sorry

But what are operators

I sound dum.b I know...

But I dunno what they are and would like to know.


not at all.... not at all


I can navigate thru things pretty easily, so the layout's no problem for me. Plus, it's better in that you can drag things WAY off screen and put infinite amounts of math bubbles in one another. The only problem is that you can't delete abilities... (If you can tell me how to, tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.)


I don't like it; it's just uncomfortable for me :P


Just long press on an ability to delete it.


The update feals like I am moving.

When I am coming home I know that I am coming home to my nice cozy home.

But when I move and come to my new home, it's hard (isn't it to everyone?)

But you get used to it!

I may be scared to update but I think I will!


I'm already used to that editor I code on my phone a lot so ya know BRRRTRRRRRR


@Fishyguitars to delete them just hold them!


There's an update? :000
Well, I wouldn't know, not having Hopscotch...I guess I'm going to be in for a lot of change when I get back!
What else did they include, besides the new format?


It's a beta.

It's not a full update!


Good to know! Thanks for clarifying!

goes back in hole


I'm going to probably update one of my iPads for the mathematical functions, but not updating for the rest of my tablets.


Yus but when it comes....



I didn't like the alpha when it first came out, but now they have filtered out almost all the bugs, and it actually has grown on me. It's a lot faster to make projects than the old editor. I'm definitely gonna update.