New Easter game! Need feedback!



I made a Easter game! I need feedback! Suggestions, tips, comments!
Do you think it's Good?

  • good
  • great
  • ok



Awesome game! Good job


Good game. Great Job. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool, but it needs work.


What do you think I should add or improve?


I bought the green color and he turned green


When you have $0, you can change your bunny, and where's the tapper?!


Oh, all sorts of thing like: more colors, tapping upgrades, more expensive prices, and they should be tapping an egg instead of a bunny to get money


Yeah, like what @tankt2016 said


Like I said it needs a lot of work


Yeah, and it's not a tapper game.

It's a tapper game without a tapper! And you can get things when you have $0! Use "Check Once If"s!


Ok how about we be nice and do the code for him/her @tankt2016


The bunny emoji is what you tap


Um, I think we all know that.


Well tankt asked where the tapper was...
Anyway, thank you so much for the honest feedback!
I tried to fix the glitches, here's the new version!
I'm a girl btw!


Yay! I'm glad you used my idea! Great game! :D!


I Luv It! It's Great But It Needs More!


Great job! I love the game! :clap::smile: