New E-Pad Ideas



CodeHelp for ideas on concept improvement


You are on the wrong topic, I am on my own topic


Sorry. Lol :joy:


Yeah, I totally agree! The planned layout and features are just so cool. I wish you good luck with the project, @Awesome_E.


@Over_powered_wizard1 Check this topic out – has some plans for the new E-Pad I just mentioned. It’s like an iPad simulator, which is going to have the same concept as my old one. It will have various games I made, 1:1 remakes of Apple iOS apps, and a few easter eggs


Omg I played your e pad and it was a really good project


@Over_powered_wizard1 This is a slightly newer version that got removed from my profile, you should check this one out if you haven’t already, it has a few more things:

(It’s not the new remake, but it has a few stability improvements and small features)


Ok I’ll open it at school b cuz my home WiFi doesn’t let me open public projects


:thinking: hmm… that’s odd, usually works the opposite way
Usually most people have website filtering at school but not at home :man_shrugging:


Yeah I don’t get it either


But e pad is cool so I will definitely check it out


@pomtl When I get the first beta for E-Pad out, who should I tag or PM about beta suggestions?
@UTheDevHS @SarcasticTvHead @Mr.rex @CoderOfMagic @BabyButterfly @Hopscotcher @TheCMStudios @XAMANION @A_Metalhead @JACG2018MASTER @Amulet_10 @GweTV @FearlessPhoenix @tankt2016 @Legendary_myth @PeppyWafer21

  • Add me to tag list
  • Private Message the Beta Testers
  • No thanks, I’m Good

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Add to Tag List: Add me to tag list, and tag beta testers on normal topic
PM Beta Testers: Add me to tag list, then PM us when first beta releases
No thanks: Self-explanatory

Edit: I thought I found a way to PM users, but it doesn’t work. PM Beta counts as the same thing as add to tag list


How do you do PMs?

Didn’t HS remove those from this forum?


There’s still a button

I just checked but it didn’t work, oops

Wait what if I try to PM a mod like @Liza?


Did you flag me post @Hopscotcher?


PM’s? That was possible here?


No, there haven’t been the option for users to create PMs on here. However, PMs have been used for safely sharing collab account passwords, but those have been created by admins/leaders and closely moderated. They were also closed when the password sharing was done (I’m not completely sure about that though)

Some people may have used possible workarounds, but that isn’t technically allowed. There isn’t and there haven’t been an official way to PM another user or group on here.


Yes but no. THT removed that feature when opening the HS Forum. I thought I found a way with that button, but it didn’t work


@pomtl I am definitely thinking of adding some sort of Drawing Pad into E-Pad (DPX-lite?), it would be nice to get some opinions on where to put it. Note: this drawing pad on E-Pad draws on your wallpaper.

  • Under Wallpaper Tab in Settings
  • Have it as its own app in the store

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Name idea?

  • Drawing Pad X Lite
  • Draw-Paper (think of combining draw and wallpaper)
  • Drawing Pad E

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I think a mini version of Drawing Pad X would be cool!