New E-Pad Ideas



Hello who was tagged! @GweTV just tagged all of omtl, so…




MrBeast did it on YouTube




yeah and?? an egg did it on instagram


LGBOT please thx


I am trying it out on the forum
(I have 25/75 odds)
AND… that’s my point


GBOT ALERT GBOT ALERT :rotating_light:




could you simplify that to a percentage please? And GBOT.




1 in 3, but many users have left so less than that



oh ok


I might have to make a topic about this since I am technically invading this topic.


ye or if you want to do the most liked post, do it on your gt. If you want the most liked topic, make a new one.
Edit: actually that last one is a bad idea.


Google Slides: Plans for E-Pad (not completely finished yet)
Suggestions anyone? @XAMANION @ThinBuffalo @Hopscotcher @CodeHelp @pomtl @background_inc @DECODECO @tankt2016 @Legendary_myth @UnicornRainbow @CoderOfMagic @Hopscotcher @Mindcool24 @William04GamerA @GweTV @PeppyWafer21 @Yusamac205
Apologies if you got tagged twice


thank u for the apologies


Seems like it would be pretty cool


You don’t need to tag CodeHelp though, just pomtl will work.


Cool. Sounds nice but why put on @Hopscotcher GT? :joy: