New E-Pad Ideas



yeahhhill like it when i get the link, k?


Google Slides: Plans for E-Pad (not completely finished yet)
Suggestions anyone? @XAMANION @ThinBuffalo @Hopscotcher


I need permission to view it for some reason


It’s not




well I have to go into it to find out if it will let me in which would share my info.


Watch till the end
Or start at 3:46


Or I can never go to your website again.


wat is that


o really sorry


just remember that for the future :wink:

@Hopscotcher delete posts begin


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This post was manually deleted by the user
I’m out of deletes


I saw the omtl edit!
Alert! If you were tagged, @GweTV is just playing!


I tagged and deleted it. I got that from Petrichor


holy the new e-pad is going to be insane


I did a Petrichor, tag and delete


@Awesome_E calls it the omtl edit and I’ve done it once…
thinks about the time when I tagged every mass tag list


very very very, and it will take a long time


I’ve done it before tbh