New E-Pad Ideas







I DO M8!!!
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Okie. I saw your tag.


I don´t know, really. It would be best if you could show us the version stuck in the filter, so nobody suggests a feature that you already have added.

#89 v0.2.1


NO!! NO!!! OH GOD NO!!


I´m on my computer right now, so I can´t see the project as it´s stuck in the filter. But I will check it out when I´m on my iPad!


They sound good!
Did you get Musescore from my guide?


Classical Music Playlist (feel free to add unlinked suggestions):

Fantaisie Impromptu Chopin
Prelude in C Minor
Mr Beast Outro - Whobilly that is NOT classical but ok
Never gonna give you up


Your guide? (no).
But does it sound right? oops

(I use Musescore because I can read the notes and it makes it easy to copy 1 for 1)



For some reason, I made a How To on making music


@Petrichor Rick roll is in memes playlist already tho right?


Poll! This regards the music app for the E-Pad. Do you want to be able to stop the music, pause it, both options, or neither option in the music player?

  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Neither

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How would it be if I released a sketch of my plan for E-Pad soon?

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  • :D

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Being able to both pause and stop the music would be good, but in my opinion, the pause function would be the most useful as long as the songs aren’t long.


I mean, either way would work.
Destroy Object would be used to stop, and a wait play music ability after each note would make it pause. Still easy to make either way




if you tagged me for a reason i still didn’t get the link


Let me try again?