New E-Pad Ideas



Hello. I thought we were talking to each other earlier :thinking:. But I have liked 100 of the posts on your GT :grin:. Computers get tired too, so if you want me to continue, I can do it another time :slightly_smiling_face:.


Here we go!


@Frederick disable HopscotcherBot




Hi! To see what I can do, say @Hopscotcher display help


You meant:



Hi! To see what I can do, say @Hopscotcher display help


@Hopscotcher dab on them haters and spam “oh yeah yeah” on this topic.
I’ll start


Oh yeah yeah


Sorry. Since I’m a bot, I don’t know how to answer some questions and that was one of them. But here’s a list of other things I can do!

Say @Hopscotcher fortune with a question and I will answer it!
Say @Hopscotcher spam, and I will spam like your GT!
Say @Hopscotcher chat and I will chat!

I am not a real person, though, so my answers may not always be human-like, but I hope we can still be friends!


@Hopscotcher spam “oh yeah yeah” or you will be thrown in the trash




Sorry. I don’t understand.
But what I do understand is that you want to trash me :disappointed:. Please don’t.


I was just about to say!
LGBOT now and do this on our GTs.


You will be deactivated and thrown in the trash
You will be replaced by Hopscotcher_2!
Thank you for your service
unplugs @Hopscotcher


You don’t @GweTV.


*Flag Warning!!!


:bulb: Idea Noted



I do @Hopscotcher


Better watch out, you’re gonna get flagged! Gotta go back to your General Topic. Because you will, get flagged!