New E-Pad Ideas



It just looks cool that’s all


Yeah it does


srsly can you teach me how to do them MIDI hacks?



Make that a GIF where the fish swims back and forth @UTheDevHS


Through AnthemScore? I don’t have it but sure


through any MIDI file


Here, watch this 0:52


You need MuseScore to get the sheet music


alright I have the sheet music now


@KyGuy64 Could you link a copy in Musescore? I can’t see the file properly


Music file?


Could you please use MuseScore to convert the mscz to PDF? (That was my question – already saw the other 2)


I can’t do that sadly

I use a school iPad and my school doesn’t allow an app for that


Ok I will make one for you later then


I am making one now lol


Ok thank you so much! Could you please remove links to your site now (because I think you have info on other pages that are not allowed to share here, like idk what)?

Also, since you are likely to win, how would you like me to give credit to you in E-Pad (what user name do you want to have credit as)



Ok just wanted the username confirmation as “KyGuy64” for Sheet Music




Next up is @Hopscotcher


huh? You confuse me.