New E-Pad Ideas



I am now getting a new .mid file from AnthemScore


Problem is, I already searched, but go ahead (and nice Pewds link, but you need a
“?sub_confirmation=1” at the end)


Sorry, that sounds more like the original, did you see my link that I tagged you with?


no? also how do you bypass the 10 characters?




Just kidding you can use <this invis text trick>




I made my pfp a gif like yours


Now I just need a Lethalix Remix like the link plays, your file sounds like the original, and I have sheet music for that, but I want the remix because I think it fits my theme more


I used the remix…




Because I didn’t hear any of the first notes in the MIDI (G# A# B B A# G# F#)

Looks like AnthemScore messed up the A#'s, no can do then


I fixed it I got the file from New Grounds


I got the file from newgrounds too, but I need a midi or sheet music


no before I used youtube one


Oh, yeah I specifically said not to use that (I think), could you use anthemscore and sheet-music that for me please? Thanks


wdym I just used AnthemScore with the Newgrounds Link!


Oh, could you provide the sheet music now? @KyGuy64
(Open the file in AnthemScore and “Generate Sheet Music”)


New Idea?

I gltiched HS and turned it into a keyboard


What about that? I get that all the time and it doesn’t annoy me in the slightest