New E-Pad Ideas



No, you must recreate the piece I am trying to get linked


What kind of music do you like?


Oh! Ok! I will do that.


Does link work @Stylishpoopemoji33?



They said it’d be a new duckllama.

Which means there’ll be 20 by the time I get on tomorrow.


Nice. Want to try and win a music recreation contest with the help of -1?


The link does not work m8
I am actually working on music rn


It doesn’t? oh ig it broke

Wait it still works for me, I tested it just now and on browserling (emulates through different computer)


You could tell me the song


OK, “Electroman Adventures Remix” by Lethalix from Newgrounds
disclaimer author’s note has bad words

I don’t want the YT version, Google Electroman Adventures Remix and first newgrond result


Ok then


:hushed: it’s actually really cool!


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The Link should now work, this is for everyone except the 6 or so people who found the song

Music Contest!

I don’t have a sheet music for a song that I want to incorporate, so this is going to be one of a few credit in E-Pad opportunities! You can give me the music in two ways:

  1. Recreate it in the Hopscotch App and link it to me here. All music must be in one rule.
  2. Submit a picture of the sheet music on this topic. Please upload it, give credit if needed, and do not make it a link to an image.

Any Software is allowed (e.g. Hopscotch MIDI Hack or AnthemScore) to recreate the music.

Disclaimer: If I do not like any of the music submissions, nobody will win. Otherwise, best music recreation gets credit in E-Pad

Link to Music I need Recreated


I hope this helps! I tried to use the MIDI hacks though I didn’t know how to so can anyone help me with that?


Sure! I haven´t tried the MIDI hack before but I am really excited to do that. What song is it that you have posted above? Do you have a MIDI file for it?


Yes I do have a midi file @William04GamerA
Also it is called “Electroman Adventures Lethalix Remix”


midi hack probably won’t work well

@KyGuy64 Could you link me to the MIDI file?


How like put it on my website?


sure, any method that works (once I like your post, remove the link bc things)


Sorry, but that doesn’t sound like the remix, and it seems like you just ran it through a converter, I really can’t have any background sound with this @KyGuy64