New E-Pad Ideas



… screeee



Translation: How are you today @Mindcool24?


Translation: ohmygoshimmadieihaveaDingeography


Stop copying me.


Ok I will Stop


Wow that was fast! (I first saw 9 likes at 22 mins)


that is 9 likes including yourself


Still 8 in 22 mins
~ 1 per 2.1 minutes


yeah but humans aren’t that perfect


Ukfdfdzkdjkugwe ➙ what?


i mean it would be insane if it was exactly 1 like every 2.1 minutes
hence the ~


Exactly. .


Does it actually work? Is there a secret for certain passcodes?


No secrets (darn!), but in Editor it tells you that the pass is 1397


Did you see the reply I gave you on E-Pad betas topic? If not, here:



That’s pretty cool.

Do you have a clock? Make it so that a certainaction in -1 makes the clock say -1:00 at 11:00 pm.


Lol it’s already gonna be a little hard with the clock because I only have one GMT offset, so i don’t think that is going to happen


Is there a new doodle jump cult?


@Stylishpoopemoji33 @FearlessPhoenix
@Silverdolphin @StarryDream
@tankt2016 @SarcasticTvHead
@William04GamerA @Rodrik834
@Hopscotcher @ThatEnglishMuffin
@BabyButterfly @Legendary_myth
@GweTV @UTheDevHS
@PerilTheSkywing @Over_powered_wizard1
@SarcasticTvHead @UTheDevHS
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@CoderOfMagic @Over_powered_wizard1
@tankt2016 @William04GamerA
@UnicornRainbow @Mindcool24
@TheDeliciousOrange @JACG2018MASTER
@BabyButterfly @XAMANION
@Hopscotcher @HardcoreHufflepuff
@Stylishpoopemoji33 @RobotPro

@Good-E’s@eBeta (lmk if you want to join either one)

Music Contest!

I don’t have a sheet music for a song that I want to incorporate, so this is going to be one of a few credit in E-Pad opportunities! You can give me the music in two ways:

  1. Recreate it in the Hopscotch App and link it to me here. All music must be in one rule.
  2. Submit a picture of the sheet music on this topic. Please upload it, give credit if needed, and do not make it a link to an image.

Any Software is allowed (e.g. Hopscotch MIDI Hack or AnthemScore) to recreate the music.

Disclaimer: If I do not like any of the music submissions, nobody will win. Otherwise, best music recreation gets credit in E-Pad

Link to Music I need Recreated


Ok! I’ll make some music, as soon as I have time.