New E-Pad Ideas



Ah ok, but still, it’s really, really cool.


I just randomly read through your bio…
Coding Heroes? (Btw, my tag isn’t working because you forgot the underscore.)


Oops, I’ll fix it. (The terraria game. That code is revolutionary!)


This sounds like a potential game changer! If it doesn´t get on game changers or something like that, don´t get disappointed though! You should be really proud of yourself for making all this.


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What should I consider working on first?

  • E-Pad User Setup
  • The Settings App
  • The Music App (hard due to other things not existing)
  • Other idea… (please reply)

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Also, could you please edit the post below for ideas on games to put in? I think the ones I have could be better


Wiki post here!

Also, feel free to add games made by others that I can incorporate


I will be disappointed if it doesn’t get game changers, this will be 4x better than Minigames 2 (not exaggerating).

Smooth BG Creator is a GC, and that will be INSIDE E-Pad…

I get frustrated easily, but I tend to keep that away from ruining my attitude towards others here on Hopscotch…


I really hope that you get game changers then, because this does sound like a total game changer.


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First day working on it! Old to the left, new thumbnail on right. Pretty happy with the lock screen

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I’d like to join the Epad testers please!


Sure no problem. cool


I’d like to join da beta testers



Can I join the beta testers tag list too? If I’m not already in lol


Alright, I’ll add you. Can you come on at 3PM to create an unlisted topic?


Could I maybe be a beta tester?


Sure, I think you are already tho (yes u are)


All right, beta testers have been invited to the topic except for a few maybe, but that will happen later today



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