New E-Pad Ideas



I might make remake E-Pad like I did with Minigames. If I do so, what apps would you like to see added or removed first?

  • Remove Music App
  • Add a Game (reply)
  • Remove a Game (reply)
  • Add system animations (app open, close, etc)
  • Better drawing pad
  • Other suggestion (reply)

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Please keep in mind that I want to keep all apps functional, not just for decor actions, as that wastes time and app spaces.


Idk what I’d add tbh… who’s here for first reply?


It’s your choice what game you want.


But idk which one I want


What games can you make?


Well, anything not 3D, I guess


I’d love to play it on YouTube!

Maybe you could add some sort of mini adventure game? Or one of those games where you have to use hints to arrange things correctly? There’s so many possibilities, I don’t know where to start.


Yes,that is really great idea!


You want all of those. Every. Single. One. Also, make an actually cool timer and stopwatch. With those I will use your project in daily life.


Maybe, but that’d be hard for E-Pad


What do you mean by “cool timer and stopwatch”?

Cool as in functional? Or that and decorated?
Will check feed tomorrow 9PM EST or sooner


ANimations make games what they are


How about adding a link to the latest version so we can see what’s there already and what could be improved? ; D

Also, think about what apps a regular phone or iPad has, or what games are popular.
goes off to brainstorm ideas that won’t take forever to code


One that looks simple and cool.


I think that the E-Pad is amazing! But adding animations would be really cool! Also, maybe you could try to add some gestures, but I know that it can be hard to do. It’s your decision what to do, good luck!


Gestures with one touch point support in HS? I don’t think that’d work.
However, Assistive Touch is a possibility

  • Please do it, I’d use it
  • I would never use it

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Obviously, it would be a setting


What do you mean by “makes games what they are”?

Must open in app, it’s laggy - that is why I’m making a new one


Do you think you computer support like you did with minigames 2

I’ve decided to start playing in the browser because there’s not a chance of losing everything


What do you mean by this?

But yes, I will definitely add it. The only reason why it isn’t in already is because the webplayer is the old version from 3+ years ago. I only built up for previous version, but now I am rebuilding the whole thing