New drawingpad format!



ok, ik I just made my first drawing pad, but hear me out... I made a HUD that takes up about 1 sq inch, opposed to 10 to 20 of the usual drawing pad, the key is a menu button on the HUD

on the bottom right shows an arrow, width, and 2 adjusters, this stays up all the time, (no dot in the middle as the menu is up, and it sets to 0, but it has memory to restore back to previous width and such, but that's unimportant) what is important is that button and these 2 scripts:

together they not only pause, but form a pause menu, that entire page was going to be filled up with colors, this is why I had to get creative and make a smaller HUD, which brought me to the idea of a pause menu, now, if you make this scroll, and have a brightness slider and such, you can have infinite colors, (to the point at which you run out of memory:wink:) at a very small HUD size, hope this helps anybody! especially the people (you know who you are) who have a drawing pad with 30 to 50 colors



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Do you know of a way to change the hsb colors with a value that can be changed. Like HSB(195,50,50).
Do you know of an easy way to change the numbers. Like tap an up arrow to change 195 to 196?


sadly, as hopscotch values can's contain letters or punctuation, this cannot be done

HSB(0,100,100) is pure red (memorized that one), but the H, S, B, (, ,, ,, and ) cannot be entered into a value... so it's impossible 🙁


another example of something that can be done in scratch though... with some variable workarounds, as the built in color selector on scratch doesn't use HSB, but it could be done in scratch


You know the ?+? Block.
What if you HSB+(+o+,+100+,+100+,+)do you think this would work.


no letters or punctuation in values, ever :frowning:


I'll try and hack the variables for fun.


If you want to know how use the set text block and copy it and paste it into the number space


ok then, you try that, good luck! (if it works, let me know immediately and tell me exactly how you did it!)


Stampyfan can try their idea!


I don't get what you mean........ ps: Im @Stampys_fans not stampyfan


The only problem is the set text isn't a variable that can change because its text.


this is what happens when you do that

a purple zero


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