New drawing pad


I am making a new drawing pad . I posted some sneak peaks on hopscotch on my account:fiona&coco​:dog:
Let me know what I should add to it and how do you make one of those clear buttons?THANKS


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I like the art pad


Are you really markliplier?


Of course it's a joke xD


@fiona-coco, try to change at the code "when iPad is pressed" (where is a block ''set position to X last touch X Y last touch Y'') to "when iPad is tapped" :wink:


No no

I just love Markiplier!


Cool! I'll be sure to check it out :wink:

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you make a "clear" button by adding a new text object. you can type in "Refresh" or just "Clear", or erase all, its depends on you. its really simple really, it only takes one block. Add a new rule (When "Clear" is tapped) and go to the purple section, aka Drawing. look around for a minute, and choose the "clear" block. pretty simple actually :blush:


It's you @fiona-coco! Hi!

Belated welcome! Tag me anytime like "@KVJ"!


Ok thanks guys!:dog::slight_smile:


I think you liked my featured project. I'll help you.


Ok. I'll remix it with soe modifications, all in abilities so you can keep some you like if you decide to use any and just want them pre coded. :D


This is, in a lot of ways, bettr than mine!


Remixed it. the drawing one I forgot to put in an ability, though. If I had time, I would've put adjustable width, but I don't have time.