New drawing pad project



Hello. I just finished and published my new drawing pad. It has color saves, RGB and HSB together, fill, and that's it. Hehe. I'm probably going to add Color Packs (optional presets) later, but here it is:


It would be better if we could have auto-generated, already there pailletés, though. uhhh French auto-correct while I'm in the English keyboard


The drawing pad is very good! I have one thing to say about it, though I have one thing to say about it that will help iPhone users (like me) a lot. Look at the red circle in my screenshot. You see two texts overlapping? You should fix that so it's easier for me and everyone else who has an iPhone.


Ok. Will do.


Wow, I like your perspective, @Ihasfluffycupcakes!
You have an iPhone that has Hopscotch (which few people have) and are using it to your advantage to help non-IPhone users with the IPhoner's perspective of different projects! I think that's cool!


I can get that perspective too. My first feature was started on an iPhone....
I just don't.


Check the first post now.


That's better, thank you!

@DECODECO thank you for that! ye there is a lack of iPhone coders here


People use the online version of Hopscotch on their phones more than download it XD


That's a really cool drawing pad. I can never make any that are complex and stuff.


Well, I guess the more complex it is, the more lagging it is, right?


It's not complex. Hehe. I haven't even added a lot of stuff.


well I mean it really matters,,cause it's not lagging for me


It's still better than I can do.


I doubt it.


Well I doubt that.


I doubt your doubt. Fill