New Drawing Pad 100+ colors



Hi I am making a drawing pad with 100+ Colors and I need help. Anyone is welcome to join


I will join.
Sounds fun.


Sure! May i join?


I would love to help you! I am not doing much on Hopscotch currently. I have drafts that I'm not working on, and I've made a Featured draw-pad.


I can help organize it! A tip is to not include too many features, as it will lag


Can I help with colors?


Hi i am nyan cats sister


Lol im gonna delete thsi later no flagging


You guys are all in


Hey sis!


The account details are here
Name: Art Studios
Password: @home


Guys Get loads of HSB Colors because we will use. Them


Can I help, I know lots of HSB Colors


The login isn't working
Edit: Nevermind, got in.


cool I can't help right now cuz I'm at school, I'll work on it when I get home


No, I misspelled the username. You probably want to take the account stuff down once everyone's got it.


Guys our pads set out could look like this


We definitely need a invisible/visible button




Ok lets start making it maybe we can even go on featured!