New Drawing Contest!



Hi Guys!! Yes, I am going to do a drawing contest which ANYONE can enter into!

You will be divided into groups, I will chose who will be in each group, so it will be fair.
The groups will work together and make friends that way.
Challenges will be quite often, so look out!

Prizes will be awarded to every group, and the person who puts most effort in the group gets a special award!

Feel free to ask questions and more :D!

I dunno if I forgot anything:P



I'm joining! And the contestants should put this on Watching.

And I'm only going to do it on an iPad. My iPad drawing:

There's more, but there's a lot of them.


Watching...? I dunno! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yayayayayayayayaayayaya! Someone used my drawing pad :smiley:

You can be in the first team!m

XD I overreact sometimes


waits for other people to join...


The Friendly Mass Tag List…


Oh yeah! Umm...gimme 2 seconds rumages around in pocket


Ta da!


This sounds like a great contest! But sadly, I am a horrible artist, so I am going to pass on this. :joy:


:slight_smile: that's ok! Sorry! I should make some type of "coded art" team XD


Didn't need to be tagged! :stuck_out_tongue:


SmilingSnowflakes'll join that!


Can I join? :grinning:


Yes!! Do you want to be in the same team as @tankt2016 , or a leader of another team, @tankt2016, you can be a leader of your team.

A leader is basically a forumer who organises the team and makes sure everyone is doing the teams challenges :wink:


Quite true that XD




Can I lead the paper drawing team? :grinning:


Once we get more people, I will select people to be on your team!


Never thought of that! Yes sure you can! @tankt2016, what would your speciality be, or just call your team the AWSOME team or something XD


My speciality is anime on an iPad. The Anime iPad Drawers Artists?


Thanks! Watching topic now.....

off topic

@PandaBlossom I am almost done sketching your request, it takes a long time to figure out proportions and the hair is pretty hard too. :smile:


I'll join ;D @PandaBlossom